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What is the Windows 7 Update Error 800b0001?

Error Code 800b0001: Generally, the Microsoft OS demands regular updates which enable it to run efficiently and smoothly. But sometimes the users may encounter error codes like “Windows update error code 800b0001”.

It is observed that Windows automatically searches for updates and download it on its own. We are still supporting Windows 7 update error 800b0001. We have a team of experts that will provide assistance to you.
Error Code 800b0001

Solutions for Error Code 800b0001 :

One of the major reasons due to which this error code arises is when the Windows update service is unable to determine the cryptographic service provider.

Therefore, before resolving the issue a user should take the backup of particular memories. This is because the update may delete several memory parts of the system.

Steps to resolve the Windows update error code 800b0001:

To completely eradicate this problem a user should take the help of the System Update Readiness Tool which can resolve the conditions which have caused this error.

To resolve this error,

    1. first of all, go to the System Update Readiness Tool webpage. Now, search for the Windows and system type in the Information for advanced users section.
    2. After that search for the version of Windows and system type of your computer and then click on the download link.
    3. This will download the System Update Readiness Tool. If in case you are unaware of the version of the Windows which you are using then see the View option of your computer information.
    4. Now run the Windows Update again.

This will completely solve the problem. If in any case the error still persists then it is advised to contact the Microsoft technical support team.

Error Code 800b0001
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