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[Fixed] Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0xc1900202

Error Code 0xc1900202 is a hexadecimal error code may appears in  Windows 10/11 upgrade. This Error 0xc1900202 usually indicates that there is an issue with the compatibility of the system hardware or software with the Windows 10 upgrade process. In few cases, this might indicates there is no enough disk space available in the system drive to complete the upgrade.

This error can be frustrating and may prevent users from upgrading their Windows 10 operating system to the latest version. Few troubleshooting steps taken to solve the issue Windows Update Error Code 0xc1900202  and to Upgrade in windows  Error code 0xC1900200
Check for compatibility issues:

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the new version of Windows. You can check the system requirements on Microsoft’s website.

Fix corrupted files:

Sfc scan

Manually reset windows update 

Run the Windows Update Trouble-shooter


Dism steps:

If these all Above steps fail, try to use the /Source option with the DISM command to specify the location of installation media or separate image file to repair the corrupted files.

Windows update cache steps:

Here are the steps to clear the Windows update cache:

Type the given command in the Command Prompt, press Enter: “net start wuauserv”

You can now close the Command Prompt and check for Windows updates again.

Note: Clearing the Windows update cache may cause the updates to take longer to download and install the first time they are installed after clearing the cache.

Update drivers:

Check if all the drivers on your computer are up to date. You can check for driver updates using the Device Manager in Windows.

Free up disk space:

Ensure that you have enough disk space to accommodate the new version of Windows. You may need to remove unnecessary files or programs to free up space.

Conclusion :

If you have problem in doing this method, we recommend you to chat with our experts. I am sure they will guide you and help resolve this issue Windows 10 Error code 0xc1900202. You can also visit website for more details and information.

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