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[FIXED] Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x80246017

Error code 0x80246017 is a Windows Update error that indicates a problem with downloading or installing Windows 10/ 11 updates on your system. When you encounter this windows 10 Error Code 0x80246017  you may see a message that reads “There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.

error code 0x80246017

There are several reasons why you might see this error code 0x80246017:

Network connection issues: If your network connection is unstable or too slow, you may not be able to download windows 10 updates from Microsoft servers, leading to the windows 10 0x80246017 error.

Corrupted update files: Sometimes, the update files downloaded by Windows Update can become corrupted, which can cause the update installation to fail.

Software conflicts: Conflicts with third-party software installed on your system, such as antivirus programs, firewalls, or other security software, can interfere with the update installation process and cause the windows 11  0x80246017 error.

System files corruption: If your system files are corrupted, this can cause Windows 10 Update 0x80246017  to fail when trying to install window 11 updates, resulting in the 0x80246017 error.

Troubleshoot this windows 10/11 error code 0x80246017 , you can try the following steps: 

Check your internet connection:

Ensure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. If it’s  necessary, reboot  your modem and router.

Disable third-party software: Temporarily disable any third-party security software, including antivirus programs, firewalls, or any other security software, to see if they are causing the issue.

How to temporarily Disable Antivirus :

  1. Open Antivirus Application (McAfee or Norton or AVG) mounted on the computer.
  2. Click on settings and go to actual time protection
  3. Select Turn Off actual time protection
  4. Navigate to the Antivirus firewall and choose Turn off Antivirus Firewall.

 How to disable windows defender

  1. Open Windows Security
  2. Open Virus & risk in windows secure window
  3. click on to Manage settings, under the Virus & threat protection
  4. Switch Real-time safety to Off

Clear the Windows 10/11 Update cache:

Clear the Windows 10/11 Update cache by opening the Command Prompt as an administrator and typing in the following command: 

“net stop wuauserv && rmdir /s /q %windir%\SoftwareDistribution && net start wuauserv”.

Solve Windows 10 Update cache the use of the steps here: error 0x80246017

  1.  Press to Search and type Services.
  2.   Then Press – Enter.
  3.  Go  to the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Right Tap on it and then Stop.
  4.  View for it – Windows Update.
  5. End this in the equal way we cautioned above.
  6.  Now, click on Win+E and navigate to folder
  7.  Hit “Ctrl+A” to choose all gadgets introduced there and then  Press – Delete. Another way you can moreover right-press and pick out the Delete alternative button.
  8. Again go on to the Services window.
  9. Right-click on “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” and “Windows Update” one by one and press Start.

Perform a system file to fix this windows 11 Error Code 0x80246017: 


Nslookup for server

The server name should have Microsoft in it, if it has continued the below steps, if it doesn’t have your PC is not connecting to Microsoft server, talk to experts on chat.

Now for the DISM scan 

Dism scan

If none of the above steps work, you can try resetting your Windows 10 Update components or performing a clean installation of Windows. Additionally, you may want to contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

Disclaimer: We advocate you do the  back up earlier before we proceed these steps, in the direction of reset Windows 11 and Windows 10 set up functionality that all your archives files and settings will be misplaced or misplaced all through the reset process.

How to reset windows 10 ?

  1. Choose the Start button option  > Settings > System > Recovery, and then to Open Recovery settings.
  2. Go to Reset this system , select option to  Reset system . Then select  from the options and/or settings in the given table 

How to reset  windows  11 ?

In Conclusion,

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