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Solutions to Fix Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x8024002d 

Error code 0x8024002d is a common error that relates to an installation problem and with system windows 11 update 0x8024002d . It can be encountered by various issues, not downloading the latest windows 11 updates or installing required drivers. Sometimes, the possibility of the updating process is completely blocked or the only part of the available update will be affected by the issue. Then this Windows 10 update 0x8024002d often also displays the message

Error Code 0x8024002d

Steps to Fix Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x8024002d 

Windows Troubleshoot to fix this Error code 0x8024002d

Sfc scan to fix this windows 10/11 Error code 0x8024002d

  1. Log in to an administrator in the Windows Terminal

Error Code 0x8024002d

  1. Type  SFC /SCANNOW on window command prompt 

Error Code 0x8024002d

  1. Wait for the scan to complete it 

The  following message will be displayed on the windows command “Windows Resource Protection may indicates the SFC program detected has no integrity issues or found out the corrupted or broken files but was not able to repair some of the files .

Nslookup for server

The server name should have Microsoft in it, if it has continued the below steps, if it doesn’t have your PC is not connecting to Microsoft server, talk to experts on chat.

Now for the DISM scan 

SDF Cleaning Method

In this method, we recreate the software program distribution folder through deleting all brief documents in it.

  1. Go to C:/ drive, then open the home windows named folder in it 
  2. Open Software Distribution folder (SDF)
  3. Open the Data Store folder and then delete all archives and folders in it
  4. Again go returned to the Software Distribution folder, open the Download folder and delete all documents in it
  5. Note: whilst deleting, it can also be immediate for admin permission. If you are logged in as an admin user. simply click on adequate to proceed

Registry repair to fix the Error code 0x8024002d in windows 10 /11

  1. Firstly , Press Windows + R and type regedit
  2. In navigation pane on  left side of the window got to the Registry key option ,


  1. Delete the office folder
  2. Exit the registry and reboot your system .
  3. Check if you can install Microsoft Office without getting any errors. 

In case we need to reset the Windows 10/11 operating system. To get rid of this windows 10 Error Code 0x8024200d . Follow the steps below  to reset the system.

Disclaimer: We propose you do the  back up earlier than we proceed these steps, in the course of reset Windows 11 and Windows 10 Code 0x8024200d set up capability that all your archives files and settings will be misplaced or lost throughout the reset process.

How to reset windows 10 ?

  1. Select the Start button option  > Settings > System > Recovery, and then to Open Recovery settings.
  2. Go to Reset this system , select option to  Reset system . Then choose from the options and/or settings in the given table 

How to reset  windows  11 ?

  1. Select the Start button > Settings > System > Recovery, and then Open Recovery settings.

2.Go to Reset this PC, pick out alternatives to Reset PC. Then pick out from the alternatives and/or settings in the given desk below

In Conclusion,

If you face any problem doing this method, we advise you to choose a Technical Support from us to help you better.  If you are still not able to resolve this windows 10 update Error Code 0x8024002d , we suggest you to chat with our experts. I am sure they will help you to get rid off it and You can also visit our website for more information.

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