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Solutions to fix Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x8007042B

Error code 0x8007042B is a Windows Update error that is usually associated with failed updates. This  Windows Update error code 0x8007042B indicates that the update could not be installed because of a problem with the Windows Update service.

Error code 0x8007042B

There are several possible reasons why you may encounter this Error 0x8007042B, including:

Corrupted Windows update files: If the Windows update files are damaged or corrupted, the update process may fail, resulting in Update Error code 0x8007042B.

Malware or virus infection: Malware or virus infections can interfere with the Windows Update service and cause update errors.

Outdated drivers: Outdated drivers on your computer can cause conflicts with Windows updates, preventing them from installing correctly.

Internet connection issues: A poor or unstable internet connection can cause the update process to fail.

The Windows 10 Error code 0x8007042B is typically related to a Windows Update problem or a problem with Windows Store.

Run Windows Update Trouble-shooter:

Windows troubleshoot

Run a system file checker:


Nslookup for server


A clean boot begins Windows with minimal set of drivers and startup programs, can be helpful to identify and solve the issues along with software conflicts.

Restart BITS services

Here are the steps to restart BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) on a Windows computer:

Once if the service has restart, end the Services window.

Alternatively, you can also use the Command Prompt to restart the BITS service. Here are the steps:

Media Creation Tool


Media Creation Tool is a program that provided by Microsoft that allows users or customers to create installation media for Windows operating systems.

In Conclusion, 

Finally, If you are still not able to resolve this Windows 10/11 update Error code 0x8007042B, we suggest you to chat with our assured experts. I am sure they will give you the best solutions to resolve completely. You can also visit our website for more information.


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