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[Fixed] Windows Update Error 800b0100 – cannot install updates

Maybe while reinstalling or updating windows, you have encountered the error having code 800B0100. This happens when the updating screen suddenly freezes, and then the PC responds with the error code. This error occurs if

  1. The windows have incomplete or corrupted files.
  2. Corrupt Windows registry key
  3. Virus affecting Windows system files

Solutions for Windows Updating Error 800b0100 :

Tackle the 800b0100 Error With the Following Methods:

Repairing Registry Entry

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner software, which will check and correct any errors relating to registry causing the 800b0100 error. All you need to do is to run it, and it will do check for missing files and invalid registry, along with creating an automatic backup. It also boasts your PC’s speed and performance.

Using System Readiness Tools

There are many system readiness tools available that are developed by Microsoft. The primary purpose of such software is to check for errors regarding Windows update and fix them.

Patiently wait as it can take quite a time to complete.

Disabling Windows Firewall

One solution to stop error 800b0100 is to disable windows firewall. You can easily disable it from the Control Panel.

Having an Updated Drivers

One potential reason for the 800b0100 error is outdated drivers. You can get the latest drivers for your PC from your laptop’s manufacturer’s website. Another way to get drivers is to use a tool like Auslogics Driver Updater, which can easily find all the relevant drivers for you.

Deleting Junk Files for Error 800b0100 :

Another reason for update failure is the accumulation of all the junk and unnecessary files. This causes overhead to your HDD. It is recommended to run a disk cleanup once a week. By doing so, you are unlikely to catch any error.

Error 800b0100
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