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How to Fix Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x80073701

If you have encountered the windows 10/11 error code 0x80073701 on your computer, it is possible that you ran into issues while installing Windows 10 updates. This error code 0x80073701  can happen for a variety of reasons, however fortunately, there are a few matters you can attempt to fix it 

Error code 0x80073701

In this article, we will stroll you through some troubleshooting steps, so you can get your Windows 11 updates 0x80073701 back on track.

Causes Windows 10/11 Update Error 0x80073701 :

A Windows 10 Update error commonly  occurs during the  process of update .If you’re facing an error 0x80073701 during Windows 11 Update, The error code 0x80073701 can happen for several issues, but it commonly happens because the files are damaged or corrupted.

There are a few different matters that can explain this windows 10 error 0x80073701. Some are listed below : 

  1. The Windows 10 Update Service provider is no longer running
  2. Not sufficient disk space reachable to deploy the updates
  3. There is a hassle with your Internet connection.
  4. The third-party antivirus application is blocking off Windows 11 Update error 0x80073701.

With this windows 10/11 error code 0x80073701, you will typically get a word saying that , “Updates Failed, There had been issues installing in some windows updates, however we’ll strive once more later.”. This message additionally has an windows 10 update error code 0x80073701.

1. Reboot Your system and Try Again to fix it  :

If you’ve been making an attempt to Windows update and have been getting this 0x80073701 error, you probably have a broken, damaged or lacking file that Windows 10/11 Update error 0x80073701 desires to work properly. In this scenario, simply restart your laptop and attempt updating Windows once more

Run and  Sfc scan to fix  windows 10/11  update error code 0x80073701

  1. Click Win + X to open the Power User menu.
  2. Select the Run alternative from the menu list. Alternatively, use the Win + R keyboard 
  3. shortcut once directly to get acess to the Run command box.
  4. Type “cmd” in the text box container and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  5. When UAC seems on the screen, click on Yes to open the Command instantaneous as an administrator.
  6. In the Command Prompt window, type the under command and hit Enter:
  7. sfc /scannow
  8. Wait for the scan to complete. This might also take a while, so be patient.

Sfc scan to fix windows 10 Error Code 0x80073701 


Nslookup for server

The server name should have ISP name in it, if  “unknown appear ” continue the below steps, or  talk to experts on chat to diagnose the issue 

Now for the DISM scan

Dism scan

Windows Troubleshoot 

SDF Cleaning Method 

So, we recreate the software program application distribution folder in home windows through deleting all files in it.

In case if the issue still persist after following all instruction above, then we need to reset the Windows 10/11 operating system. Follow the steps below  to reset the system

Disclaimer: We propose you do the  back up earlier than we proceed these steps, in the course of reset Windows 11 and  Windows 10 set up capability that all your archives files and settings will be misplaced or lost throughout the reset process.

How to reset windows 10 ?

  1. Click the Start button > Settings > System > Recovery, and then select  Open Recovery settings.
  2. Go to Reset this device , choose alternative to Reset the system . Then select out from the preferences and/or settings in the given table

How to reset  windows  11 ?

  1. Click the Start button > Settings > System > Recovery, and then Open Recovery settings.
  2. Go to Reset this PC, select out choices to Reset PC. Then pick out out from the options and/or settings in the given desk

In conclusion : 

Error code 0x80073701 is a common issue that can occur while trying to install updates on Windows systems. By following the above steps, users can resolve this issue and successfully install updates on their systems.  If you have problem in doing this method, we recommend you to chat with our experts. I am sure they will guide you and help resolve this issue. You can also visit website for more details and information.

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