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Found defender as disabled after installing Malwarebytes

Disables Windows Defender Issue: When you use Malwarebytes software free version, it scans your system when a user demands to do so. If you are using Malwarebytes premium trial, it will turn off the windows defender of your system.

The trial lasts for 14 days, and after that, it becomes a security problem for the windows. In addition It is because Malwarebytes disables the Window defender.

In this post, we will explain you how to stop Malwarebytes from turning off the Windows Defender and how to run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender side by side.

Solutions for Malwarebytes from Turning Off the Windows Defender?

When you install Malwarebytes in your computer and register for 14 days’ trial, it starts working to protect your computer from viruses and turns off the Windows Defender.

To keep the Windows Defender ON, during you will need to make some changes in settings of Malwarebytes.

Have a look at these simple steps for Disables Windows Defender Issue:

  1. Firstly, open the Malwarebytes application.
  2. Secondly, After that, go to the settings of Malwarebytes.
  3. In settings, go to the Security tab and click on the Windows Security Center Section.
  4. You will see the option “always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center,” disable it.

It is suggested to disable Malwarebytes “Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center” settings to smoothly run Malwarebytes and stop it from turning Windows Defender Off.

How to Run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender Side-by-Side?

Malwarebytes Premium version automatically registers for the system’s security programs, and it starts handling the security of your device and disables the Windows Defender to run in the background.

Don’t worry, and we will tell you how to run Malwarebytes premium and Windows Defender side by side.

In Conclusion,

In Malwarebytes Settings, go to the Security option and click on “Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center” to disable it. When this option is disabled, Meanwhile Malwarebytes and Windows Defender will run simultaneously.

Disables Windows Defender Issue
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