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Windows Update Error Code 80072f78

Error Code 80072f78 error code is common for all the Windows Operating systems when you try to install the windows updates. This windows update error code  80072f78 appears when Windows 10 or Windows 7 update system is broken or there is network related issues and concerns.

Usual causes for this 0x80072f78 error are communication failure over the Internet with Microsoft update servers.

Firstly, I will suggest you to do Windows Troubleshoot for Windows Update Error Code 80072f78.

After that,

Disable the proxy internet connection and try again to install the windows update.

How a proxy connection can be disabled?

  1. First, open Internet Explorer and click on Tools->Internet Options
    Error Code 80072f78
  2. Then, go to Connections and LAN Settings
    Error Code 80072f78
  3. Finally, make sure the Proxy server is disabled.

Simultaneously, second case is with your Antivirus. There are proxy settings enabled under your settings of any security programs that you are using.

Repair and Solutions for Error Code 80072f78

There are failed windows update services that could also cause you this Windows Update Error 80072f78 while updating Windows.

Try the below steps to repair Windows services

Repairing Windows update services is not possible like you repair any windows apps from the add/remove programs. There is a procedure that you need to follow through command lines.

This requires the user to have administrator rights on his computer. As per the Microsoft set of rules defined on various Knowledge base articles, the steps are simplified as mentioned here to reset your windows update services.


Following these steps carefully will not make any changes to your personal data or programs. It will only reset the Windows update services.

  1. First, open Command Prompt as Administrator by right clicking on it.
    Error Code 80072f78
  2. Then go to c:\windows\
  3. Now, rename the software distribution folder to old
  4. Some cases it may not happen until you stop the windows update services
  5. To stop that run a command line “Net stop wuauserv” and hit Enter
    Error Code 80072f78
  6. Followed by try to rename this folder software distribution to old
  7. Then you can restart the windows update service
  8. Next, use this command “Net start wuauserv” and hit Enter error code 0x80072f78
  9. Finally, Check for updates now.

SFC Scan to Fix Error Code 80072f78

SFC SCAN is the command line that we use to do this process. I will explain you the steps in detail on how to perform this scan.

This process may result positive note saying all the issues are resolved and the flip side the negative result could be that your windows is corrupted.

Final Solution:

In this case, you should really work hard to reinstall windows operating system.

Backing up data is the foremost important thing in order to make sure you won’t lose your personal files.

In Conclusion,

Finally, If you are still not able to resolve this error code 80072f78, we suggest you to chat with our assured experts. I am sure they will give you the best solutions to resolve completely. You can also visit our website for more information.

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