Why does it say office program not working?

Are you unable to use office program?

This is really troublesome when you cannot using office program, this article is related to the troubleshooting of your windows and office prorgams. This process can help you with the installation, repair and reinstallation.

In order to reinstall Microsoft Office, you need to have the product key. If you don’t know the product key, then you can use a trial version of Microsoft Office.

1) Go to office.com and click on “install” on the top menu bar

2) Click on “I don’t have a product key” and then click “next”

3) Type in your email address and click “next”

4) Type in your phone number and click “next”

5) Click on “I’m having trouble with my security software.”

6) Click on the option that says “I want to type in my product key” and type in your product key.

The above steps helps you to repair, install and activate office program.

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An easy tip added to the above information, if ms office program is not opening, you can try to open it in safemode.

How to open msoffice in safemode?

It has to be done using a run window and type the letters word /safe. You can name any office program to open in safe mode in place of word.