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Usage of Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14

Emergency SOS via satellite is a new security feature that Apple introduced on the iPhone 14 models. With this models, you can use Emergency SOS via satellite to text emergency services when you are out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

This feature will be available with an iOS 16 software update. Connection will be effected by

  1. Surroundings,
  2. Length of your message, and
  3. The status and availability of the satellite network.

How to use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone?

Emergency SOS via satellite helps you connect with emergency services under exceptional circumstances when there is source of reaching.

Connect to a satellite

To connect your iPhone to a satellite:

Text emergency services via satellite

  • Firstly, try calling emergency services.
  • Secondly, if your call does not connect, use text emergency services via satellite:
  • Then, tap Emergency Text via Satellite.
    • You can also go to Messages to text 911 or SOS, then tap Emergency Services.
  • You can also choose to notify your emergency contacts that you contacted emergency services, along with your location and the nature of your emergency.
  • To connect to a satellite, follow the onscreen instructions and stay connected.

Once you’re connected, your iPhone starts a text conversation with emergency responders by sharing information such as

  1. Medical ID and emergency contact information
  2. The emergency questionnaire answers
  3. Your location and
  4. Remaining battery life for your iPhone
    Emergency SOS via satellite

Emergency SOS via satellite and privacy

When you text with Emergency SOS via satellite,
  1. Messages sent in encrypted form, and
  2. Decrypted to the relevant emergency services dispatcher

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