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Can outlook show unlicensed?

Outlook unlicensed error stops sending emails and receiving emails There will also be missing mail folder synchronization.

What to do if a product shows unlicensed?

Unlicensed error messages shows when the product is inactive. We have to keep the product key in hand or a valid account to activate. In this situations, we can check the following steps to troubleshoot product unlicensed error messages.

  1. If you got it from online, there is an option to view product key in your portal after you sign in.
  2. If you have multiple products linked to your Account, then choose the product key to activate the product.
  3. You can also login if you have only one license linked to activate the product.

How outlook behave if it is in unlicensed mode?

  • If an Outlook program is showing you unlicensed, then you cannot send or receive emails.
  • Firstly, You cannot sync the emails with your web mail.
  • Secondly, You cannot see the full address book if the sync method is unsuccessful.
  • You cannot create more folders in outlook mail.
  • These are few issues stated above that appears when your program shows unlicensed messages.

To activate the product key for Outlook mail, you can do the following:

In general, outlook program is either purchased online for personal use or given to you by your organization or school or university.

The first thing you can do here is to contact your office administrator to check the product activation status and seek their assistance.


Unlicensed Product
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