How to Fix Outlook Unlicensed Error Message?

Unlicensed Error Message: If your Office apps are not opening and showing “Unlicensed Product” or “Non-commercial use/ Unlicensed Product” in the title bar, it means your Office products have been disabled. Once this occurs, you will need to take a few steps to identify the problem and then fix it to reactivate your products. Here you find more efficient solutions for office Unlicensed Error Message. We received many queries regarding Unlicensed Products. If you find similar issues like this please follow our FAQs.

Unlicensed Error Message

 Reasons for this Office Unlicensed Error Message

In this unlicensed error message, the Office activation fails and you will encounter unlicensed product in the title bar of Office applications.  There are multiple reasons where we see the unlicensed product message on office program.

1. Your Computer is Running Out of Space

Outlook unlicensed error stops sending emails and receiving emails and throws a message stating that “Your Computer is Running Out of Space”. There will also be missing mail folder synchronization.

2. You’re using a Non-Microsoft product that’s causing the problem

Unlicensed error messages show when the product is inactive. Keep the product key in hand or a valid account to activate and display a message saying that “You’re Using a Non-Microsoft Product that’s Causing the Problem”. In this situation, check the following steps to troubleshoot product unlicensed error messages.

  1. If you get it online, then view the product key in your portal after you sign in
  2. If multiple products linked to your Account, then choose the product key to activate the product
  3. You can also login if you have only one license activate linked to the product

3. Your Product Key Is Invalid or Corrupted

If your product is Invalid or Corrupted

4. You’re trying to activate an older version of Microsoft office

The outlook office program is either purchased online or given by the organization or school or university. The first thing to do is contact your office administrator to check the office product activation status and seek their assistance.

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How to Fix the Problem that Causes Activation to Fail for Unlicensed Error Message?

  1. Firstly, Sign in to Office with the right account
  2. Secondly, check for multiple copies of Office
  3. Thirdly, check the subscription status
  4. Finally, troubleshoot activation
Unlicensed error message
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