Unlicensed Office 2019 error code – Revoke the license file using these steps!!

When you open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for the first time, you may see a message that says: “Unlicensed Microsoft Office.”

Microsoft Office 2019 comes in many editions. Office 2019 unlicensed product is common among Home and Student versions. Others Business, Professional and Professional Plus. To use the core applications in any edition, you need to activate the proper method for each edition.

How to Fix Unlicensed Microsoft Office 2019 using Account?

  1. When you purchase Office 2019, you are provided with an account. 
  2. Go to any Office application like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  3. File > Account > Product Activation.
  4. Enter the login details for your Account. 
  5. Automatically Office 2019 will pick the right License.
  6. Select one of the right licenses displayed in the list for multiple licenses in your Account.
  7. Check File > Account.
  8. You can see the Product Activation Status under Product Information
  9. If it says Product Activated, then your Office 2019 license is good to use.

Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office

  1. No product key is required if you are re-installing Office 2019.
  2. Just login used to buy the License. 
  3. If you purchased a license from retailers or an online store, the product key is given.
  4. Link this key with your Account. 
  5. Do this by going to office.com/setup. Sign in using your Microsoft account. 
  6. Download the Office 2019 product from Microsoft Services and Subscriptions pages. 

Another way is using the Office Activation Wizard of 2019 applications. 

It generally applies to home users

Typical Microsoft Office 2019 Unlicensed Product

For example, the Home version license will not work for Professional Plus. Initially, when you purchase Dell, Lenovo, HP kind of laptops, they are provided free Office 2019 versions for some days. After the trial is over or the License expires, you are startled by “Unlicensed Product” and “Activation” Errors.

You can always sign-up for the free versions of Office using a Microsoft account. 

When you open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, you are thrown a message that “Most of the features have been disabled”.

For example, The Product is unlicensed Office 2019 error would be something like –

Then, suddenly I got told that my Product was unlicensed and I couldn’t edit any of my documents that I could literally just yesterday. I am told the only way to ‘activate’ Office again is to sign in (I didn’t use an account to access MS office) or enter a product code (which was not included w/ my laptop as MS office was already pre-installed).

Source: answers.microsoft.com

Reasons for Unlicensed Product Microsoft Office 2019 

  1. The subscription has expired. 
  2. The license Account is not working anymore.
  3. Using the wrong License version. 
  4. The purchased License is pirated.
  5. The retailer is not genuine. 

Cause of Unlicensed Product Office 2019

Generally, you either enter a product code or log in to an account to activate Microsoft Office 2019. When neither of its workings, then some error might have triggered the “Unlicensed Product” error. 

How to Fix Unlicensed Microsoft Office 2019

Home and Business users have different accounts. Also, Student and University subscriptions are different. When you were using Office 2019 with one type of Account, it will work as long as the service is live. 

But if you change your Account from Home to University, there can be a conflict. Since the new Office 2019 is also tied up with your Microsoft account, you need to de-register the Product and add it again with the correct key. 

Common Solutions

  1. Check the current version of Office.
  2. If it’s Office 2019, check the Build. 
  3. Make sure you have all the proper updates.
  4. Microsoft Office 2019 is a stand-alone application and can be confused with other apps. 
  5. Office Professional Plus is for organizations. 
  6. Conflict of License between Home, Business, University editions. 

Office 2019 Fix – Product Activated

office 2019

To obtain an “Unlicensed product error office 2019” version of this article, see Unlicensed product and activation errors in Office.

For an Office 2019 version of this article, see Unlicensed product and activation errors in Office.

Issue Unlicensed Product Error Office 2019:

When you open a Microsoft Office Professional 2019 application, many features are disabled. This problem occurs when your Office Professional account expires and the application is without a license.

In addition, you may experience one of the following symptoms:

• When you click File in the Office Professional 2019 application and then click Help, you receive the following message:

Product activation required

• In the title bar of the Office Professional 2019 application, you will receive the following message:

Product without a license

• After logging in to activate Office Professional 2019, you will receive the following message:

No subscription found


Microsoft Office Professional 2019 error. If product no longer licensed.

Solutions for Unlicensed product error office 2019

To solve this problem, use one or more of the following methods, as necessary.

Method 1: reactive Office using your organization ID

In order for us to solve this problem, go to the “Here is an easy solution” section. If you prefer to solve this problem manually, go to the “Fix it myself” section.

Here is an easy solution:

To solve this problem automatically, open https://officelivesupport.com In the File Download dialog box, click Run or Open, and then follow the steps in the easy repair wizard.

• This assistant can be in English only. However, automatic correction also works for versions of Windows in other languages.

• If it is not on the computer that has the problem, save the easy fix solution on a flash drive or CD and then run it on the computer that has the problem.

Let me fix it myself

1. Determine if your computer has the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office 2019. To do this, open any Office 2019 program, click File and then Help.

2. Close all Office 2019 programs.

3. Click Start, type CMD (command prompt) in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.

4. At the command prompt, type one of the following commands and then press Enter:

  • If you are running 64-bit Windows with 32-bit Office.
  • If you are running 32-bit Windows or running 64-bit Office with 64-bit Windows.

Method 2: Verify system clock settings

1. System date and time syncs with Windows Time Server. Use the Official US Time resource. UU. To verify that the system clock is correct.

2.  Current time zone is right.

3. Correct summertime settings.

4. Click Start, type CMD in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.

5. At the command prompt, type one of the following commands and then press Enter:

  • If you are running 64-bit Windows with 32-bit Office.
  • If you are running a 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Office with 64-bit Windows.

In Conclusion,

Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall For Unlicensed product error office 2019

1. Uninstall Office 2019 using an easy solution from Microsoft.

2. Once the easy solution is complete, log in to the Microsoft online portal to reinstall Office 2019.

Do you still need help? Go to the Microsoft community.

Unlicensed Product
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