Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application

Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application: Generally, the Error occurs when the user makes an effort to launch the application that was built in Visual Studio. Uplay and several other legacy games. These applications were meant for the older versions of Windows.

Solutions for Unhandled Exception has Occurred in your Application :

Therefore it becomes very necessary to eradicate this error code. Hence before that, we have to look into its causes.

  • This error code can be caused by some of the Antivirus tools. Therefore it is advised that the user should try to disable the antivirus for some time. This can resolve this problem completely.
  • Another major reason which is responsible for the rise of this error code is the running malware programs. If you have installed malware then it is recommended to uninstall it for some time.


  • This error code can also appear if the user has installed a corrupted version of the Microsoft .NET framework. If the installation is corrupt then all the core files get corrupted due to which this kind of error codes appears. Therefore, to remove this error code a user should start an SFC scanning process.
  • Besides all these, you should also check the script debugging option. Therefore, a user should turn off the script debugging.

If the problem persists then contact the Microsoft Technical Support Team.

Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application

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