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Easy Fix how to speed up your Windows 11 PC

If your home windows 11 laptop or system  is lagging or taking a whilst to function or perform duties that need  to be almost  instant, you may additionally be questioning how to speed up your windows 11 laptop or computing device computer. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but it can still slow down that have plagued Windows 11 computers for decades. With some simple and easy way we can clean-up and do maintenance, you can run Windows 11 fast.

Speed up windows 11

If you upgraded to Windows 11 from an older version of Windows 10, chances are your computer contains a bunch of temporary files and unused programs/ non compatible apps that are putting a strain on your machine. there are chances older program files or broken registry or missing drivers that need to be updated. 

How to speed up Windows 11:

Restart your device : 

Many of us are guilty of leaving our computers in “sleep” or “standby” mode for weeks, or even months, but restarting your computer every day once is one of the simplest ways to speed up Windows 11. Restarting your Windows 11 computer is a way for it to refresh itself and close unwanted things running in the background. By restarting a computer or laptop everyday or often, it can fix several technical issues you may be experiencing, as restarting your computer also resets the underlying processes and drivers that are useful for the system to run properly.

To restart Windows 10/11, click the Windows icon on your then click the “power” icon. Next, click the “restart” icon.

Ensure you restart the system on daily bases.

Windows 10/11 Update your system: 

Windows 10 updates often contain fixes for all the bugs  and it also updates drivers which are required for the PC, and they also refresh the operating system’s built-in firewall windows defender. 

So, even though it may take a few moments of inconvenience, updating is always a wise choice to keep the windows operating up to date

Steps to update your Windows 11 PC: 

Click the Windows 11 start button and Click settings, then select windows 10/11 update, click “Check for updates.” Windows should automatically begin downloading any available updates.

  1. Once you install updates, click “Restart now” 
  2. Disable apps from running automatically.

Usually too many apps opening automatically when you start or restart your Windows 11 PC can cause the computer or laptop to run slow. You may not even realize that apps are starting themselves up in the background, let’s disable these apps from the startups.

Check for virus or adware or malware running in the windows 10/11 PC :

Regularly run to antivirus scan, defender scan and spyware scan on the PC or  laptop , since you keep browse online, A list  of unwanted cookies and  errors  and cache will get into windows 10/11 PC  or download programs and file or unwanted spam emails with attachment etc downloaded on the windows PC or laptop  . Scan PC everyday that will keep the system away from threats and virus  .

Check for sfc scan to fix Easy speed up your Windows 11 PC 

Sfc scan

How to remove  unused apps

In  Windows 11 operating system there is something called storage tool, which can also be used to uninstall any apps you don’t need, freeing up more storage space it will  potentially help speed up your computer. 

Steps to uninstall unused apps on Windows 11 the use of the Storage device :

How to reset windows 11 ?


If you have problem in doing this method, we recommend you to chat with our experts. I am sure they will guide you and help resolve this issue.

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