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Is your email accessed by someone else?

There is a question when someone gets fishy if some one have accessed my email. This is really illegal and can’t tolerate for any reasons. To know whether someone had really access your emails, there are certain login IP logs provided on webmail settings. You need to check them to make sure the date and time and the location where some one access your emails.

It is not a good idea for someone to hack or use the others emails. But, there are hackers around the computer world, who might be interested in your stuff and show you unwanted things.

We as an Assured Assist Team can help you to protect your computers from hackers . The most of the toughest intolerable things for privacy terms is to deal with this kind of solicited messages. We can assure you the complete privacy and deliver you the safe data about the others who accessed your emails.

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What makes others to see your email?

The most common mistake we do is to leave the computer logged in and leave the web browsers to remember the passwords. The known people have many chances to steal your passwords.

It is a good idea to change the password for your email as well.

You can follow these steps to change the password on your email account:

1)Log in to your account with the old password and wait until you see a page that says “Please enter your new Password”.

2)Type in a new password and then type it again in the Confirm New Password box.

3)Click “Change Password”.

Protection for your web browsers when “Someone has accessed my email”:

Web browsers are not safer for emails. They may get hacked and the hackers changes your login password. Especially when you are using a public computer, it is better to log out of your account before you leave.

If you are using a public computer, make sure to log out of your email account before leaving. This will help protect you from hackers who may have gained access to the browser and changed your password while you were away.

We advise you to use outlook instead of web browsers for your personal computers.


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