How To Resolve The Server Timeout Error In One Note

The Server Timeout Error like XE000078B code means One Note is having trouble communicating with the web server where your notebook is stored. Most likely, there’s been a server timeout, which occurs when the server is busy and can’t respond to your requests.

Solution for Server Timeout Error :

Firstly, Conflicts with antivirus and firewall

Check if your Antivirus program is blocking any of the programs that are getting installed on your computer. It is always suggested to disable your antivirus before you install any program in your computer.

Secondly, Temporary files and Temporary internet files:

For instant, There might be temporary files and temporary internet files and the junk. Files in your computer which will cause the registry issues and make some services not responsive. These temporary files might cause trouble for the system programs.

It is important for you to optimize and tune up your computer.

Thirdly, Reset Internet Explorer settings

There could be a problem with your web browser which may cause this kind of issue. For instance the temporary Internet files and the Browsing Cache, tools bar, add-ons and the other internet sources might cause the problem for you to perform the online installation. Stop the print spooled.


4. Remove older versions of Office

There could be old office versions running on your computer. It is required for you to uninstall and remove the old office versions before installing the latest Office 2013 or office 365.

5. Start Internet Explorer without add-ons

Initiating the installation without add-ons may help you sometimes.

6. Run system file checker: sfc /scannow

In addition, To resolve some of the system file issues, it is required to run the system file checker

7. Turn off hardware acceleration

In computing, hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware to perform some functions faster than is possible in software running on the general purpose CPU. In other words, of hardware acceleration include blotting acceleration functionality. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and instructions for complex operations in CPUs. After that, Reset the Task Scheduler.

It is better to disable Hardware acceleration incase if it’s enabled, After that,

Most Importantly, try a hardwired connection

Therefore, If your Internet is running on WiFi connection, try changing it to hardwired connection. Because the wireless connection is always slower than a wired connection.

In conclusion,

Finally, Create a New Windows Admin Profile (Windows 7 Only)

Check if you are having admin privileges on your Windows Operating system. However,

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Server Timeout Error
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