Outlook Unlicensed Messages

Troubleshoot:  Outlook Unlicensed Messages

  Make sure that your Microsoft account is associated with an Office login service and subscription. Check if it is actually associated with Office 365 and Office 2016 subscriptions.   If your Office product is a Microsoft 365 subscription and not your email address, this will not work when you sign up for Office. Try to log in with your private email address if you bought Office with a different email address.  
  • Check the date, time and time zone of your computer; if they are incorrect, Office activation will fail.
If the time and date icons are missing from the taskbar on your computer, click Start > Settings > Time & Language. The system time is set to the local time zone in which the user wants to activate the product. Right-click the Time & Date icon in the taskbar and then click on the Option Customize Date & Time in the menu that appears. Enter the product key again, try another activation method, or contact Microsoft Customer Service if your attempts are unsuccessful. If this is a temporary problem, you can restart Outlook and the error message Outlook Unlicensed will be fixed.  
  • If upgrading Microsoft Office to the latest version does not help, you may be needed to uninstall your product key and not fill the login email or license associated with activating Microsoft Office. If you have tried other solutions and still have difficulty activating the latest versions of Office installed that you have not activated, you will either need to remove the product key or log into your account to reactivate Office. If Office is not enabled, try performing the online repair described in Repair Office Applications to fix the remaining installations of Office.
  • Install and install Office 365 on your computer with the license enabled. Once you are logged in, you will receive one of the license links to activate the product.
  Unlicensed messages for Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook may appear if they are not enabled on your computer. Product keys purchased online are required to download and set up the portal to the Office account. Once you have purchased the product, you must follow the steps below to install the Office programs on your computers.   To recognize this, you need to make sure your Microsoft account is the same as when you purchase an Office subscription. An Office account can be used to purchase Office products and account licenses.   To activate the Microsoft 365 app on your computer, you must log in to your Microsoft account. Once you have signed in, you can access your Office apps, but you will see a message that says that we can’t find any Office products. When you see this message, the subscription to Microsoft Office has been terminated.   In the case of the Windows 10 operating system, the product key cannot be used to activate the product shown in the unlicensed message for the products above. You will see an unlicensed error message for all remaining program problems related to your Office account. Unlicensed error messages can also occur when payment for a subscription-based product is overdue.   If there is an incorrect product key you purchased to install, download or archive Microsoft Office 2010 on a disk, you can enter the product key to activate the product and continue using the product during its grace period.   If Office is not enabled, you can run Microsoft Support or Recovery Assistant or fix the unlicensed product error yourself. Run Office Administrator Running Office Administrator can help resolve permissions issues that cause Office activation to fail. Confirm disabling antivirus programs on your computer See How to disable antivirus to resolve issues with Microsoft Office activation errors on your computer.   Office 365 users can activate from four locations to delete, reset and install the activation in a clean state. In this scenario, if applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by deleting from 4 different locations to reset activation and install Office in a cleaner state.   It is possible that the latest version of Office that you have installed may have activation problems. In certain cases, Microsoft Office is enabled by Windows Update, and opening the Microsoft Office files leads to an error message that reads: “Unlicensed product: Product disabled We are sorry, something went wrong, please try again.   0x80070005 Unlicensed Product Notification may occur if you have migrated business licenses to Office 365 and have not upgraded to a modified version of Microsoft Office. Office 365 software should be reviewed by Microsoft every month to make sure your Office 365 subscription is in order. It happens only once, but you never know. The license status check appears to be automatic when an Office program is started.   As you can see, handling activation errors in Outlook for Office 365 is not that difficult. The first thing you should do is contact your office administrator to check the activation status of the products and ask for their support.   If you want to start Outlook or Office as usual when you open the software, an error message “Unlicensed Product” appears on the top of the screen when you open the software. If you are using Office Online, there is a problem if you have an error message about an unlicensed product.   The main cause for the error (0x80070005 notifying “Unlicensed Product”) is that you have not installed the latest version of Microsoft Office or that the license for your Office has expired and is out of date. The “Unlicensed Product” warning occurs if you start Office after several weeks of interruption or if there is a problem with your Internet connection.   Several Outlook users have reported that they saw unlicensed product flaws when they started paying for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription to Office 365 or Office 2016. These bugs are not exclusive to Outlook.com as they have been reported for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It turns out that these errors often occur when users switch devices or use a single license or subscription, or when a company adds or changes Office 365 tenants.    
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