Solutions for Outlook unlicensed error message

Outlook is a popular email client that is used by many people. It has been around for a long time and has a lot of features. However, it can be difficult to use at times.

Some common problems with Outlook unlicensed include the inability to send emails and activation issues. This article will give you some tips on how to fix these problems so that you can get back to sending emails without any issues.

A common problem with Outlook is the inability to send emails or activate it in the first place. There are a few ways you can fix this issue so that you’re able to send emails again and activate your account if necessary!

Steps to install outlook program:

  • In order to install outlook, you must have an office account. You can either purchase it from our personal account or use the one from your work account.
  • Login to the office account using the following link.
  • For personal account, use to view your products.
  • For work account, use to view your products.
  • Click install button to continue with the installation setup.

Note: The setup file youdownload is a click to run version and it installs only on internet. Internet is important for any office installation.

Steps to use outlook product key for activation:

Once the outlook is installed, you must find the product key to activate it. You can view the product key under the name of your office product on your account.

  1. Office product key comprises of 25 characters.
  2. When you open outlook for the first time, it asks you to enter the product key.
  3. You can continue the steps and follow the instructions as shown on the screen.

Alternative methods to activate Outlook unlicensed program.

  • If a product key cannot help you to activate office account, then you can try telephone activation.
  • Users must click on File and account tab on opening an office program.
  • Under the Office Acount, you can find the product activation information.
  • Once you click to activate button, you will be asked to activate online or through telephone.
  • If you choose telephone activation method, it shows Installation ID with the telephone number.
  • You can call the toll free number and enter your Installation ID and wait for the confirmation codes to enter and activate.

How to activate office using Microsoft login information?

  1. To validate your product, you need to make sure you use the Microsoft account using which you purchased the product before.
  2. Now open the office program and click on File and account.
  3. In the above method, you must use the office account to login and activate the product.  Usually, the office 365 programs gets activated with your Microsoft account.

How to troubleshoot  Outlook Unlicensed Messages?

  • Make sure to use the right office account to login and activate the product. If your Office product is a Microsoft 365 subscription and is not associated with the email address you have purchased, it will show unlicensed product message.
  • If the product key is used on multiple devices, there are chances to see an unlicensed product message. 
  • Check the date, time and time zone of your computer; if they are incorrect, Office activation will fail.
  • If the time and date icons are missing from the taskbar on your computer, click Start > Settings > Time & Language. Make sure to set your system to local time zone from where you are trying to activate the product. Right-click the Time & Date icon in the taskbar and then click on the Option Customize Date & Time in the menu that appears. Enter the product key again, try another activation method, or contact Microsoft Customer Service if your attempts are unsuccessful. Still, if you see outlook unlicensed messages, you shall restart the program and the error messages are fixed.  
  • If upgradation of Microsoft Office causes this Outlook unlicensed issues, you can uninstall your product key from Microsoft Office and then re-enter the license information to activate.
  • If you have tried other solutions and still have difficulty activating the latest versions of Office installed that you have not activated, you will either need to remove the product key or log into your account to reactivate Office.
  • Incase, if you cannot find all office programs, try to perform the online repair. It helps to reinstall the missing applications and fixes the Office unlicensd product error.
  • Install and install Office 365 on your computer with the license enabled. Once you are logged in, you will receive one of the license links to activate the product.
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Useful information on other Office Error codes :

  • When you see an Office program shows Background installation error on opening the program, you can repair the program and troubleshoot as show in this linking article.
  • If you find Outlook programs show you a messages saying The operation can’t performed , follow the steps to repair mail profiles.
  • Inorder to get Microsoft chat support, you can refer to the Live Assist Techs where you can find certified techs for assistance. They can assist you with Windows support includes updates and repair system files.
  • There are specific cases, where you find the word program fails o open throwing you Word XML error , the solutions include editing the source of word files.
  • There is a message called  something went wrong that usually appears on office programs, and you require to repair the prorgams in such cases.
  • Refer to this link to do a system file scan SFC scan performance

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