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Office is busy/Office not responding/Office is not working

This Office is not working and not responding troubles requires an important attention with respect to the addins. There are some third party apps that may conflict with office and causes this error as well.

Office is busy and not working messages while opening any application:

Microsoft Office is one of the key applications that are useful for both personal and professional purposes. However, there can be some irksome situations where office programs shows busy and not working messages.

Office program
Stpes to open Microsoft Office

There is no specific time that this error may occur. You will notice the dialog box that pops up with the message Office program is not working when you try to open any office version.

Learn, how to resolve office not responding issues without losing your data:

While some of you lucky ones may have not encountered this error, it is interesting to note that the “Office Program Not Working” error is one that tops the lists of complaints by Microsoft users. If you are wondering what causes this error, let me enlighten you on all the possible reasons why the “Office Program Not Working” error may occur:

Troubleshooting Word Problems and Errors

Follow these steps and you will be able to fix the “Office Program Not working” error in a fuss-free and simple manner.

Step 1- Close your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Step 2- Click the Windows key and R on the keyboard to access the Run Window.

Step 3- Go to the Run Window and type win word/safe.

word in safemode

Step 4- Select Enter or Click on the OK button to begin your office programs in safe mode.

If the above steps do not work, then you can follow the steps below to resolve the issue with your office installation.

Step 1- Go to the start menu

Step 2- Right-click and choose apps and features

Step 3- Pick the Office Installation option

Step 4- After opting to modify, select the quick repair option

Step 5- If the quick repair option does not work, opt-in for the online repair option to uninstall and re-install the office

The next time you face an “Office Program Not Working” error, you can refer to the steps above and fix it at home all by yourself.

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