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[Solved] How to Fix Error Msvcr80.dll in Microsoft 365

There are various reasons which are involved behind the occurrence of msvcr80 dll errors on your system.  When the user faces this error, a message like “Msvcr80.dll Not Found” appears on the computer screen. There are some instances when the user may also see messages like “Cannot find [PATH]\msvcr80.dll”, “The file msvcr80.dll is missing.” and “APSDaemon.exe – System Error – MSVCR80 dll is missing from your computer.”

This error can be caused when the msvcr file gets highly corrupted. Therefore it becomes very important to resolve this error completely.

Steps To Fix Msvcr80.dll Error code on Outlook:

This error appears on Outlook program if the msvcr dll file is missing. We need to fix 

msvcr dll error in outlook

Follow the below steps to fix the dll issue on outlook:

Type cmd.exe in your search bar

  1.  You can click on right side menu which shows run as administrator
  2.  Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator
      type REGSVR32 “C\windows\msvcr80.dll
  3. This will register your dll file .
    Now you can open outlook and see. It should work.

Steps To Fix Msvcr80.dll Errors for iTunes:

One of the most important thing which every user should keep in mind is that don’t download the msvcr80.dll file from a DLL download website. Since it can create a lot of trouble for your system. If there is a need to download the msvcr80.dll file then you should install it from a legal and legitimate source.

  1. Now you have to resolve this error code, make sure that you uninstall the following programs from the Windows-like Apple Software Update, iTunes, Apple Mobile Device Support, iCloud and Apple Application Support, etc.
  2. If you have installed any old version and a new version of the same program then delete the older version.
  3. Now restart your system.

Follow the Below Steps :

This will eradicate the whole error code completely. If the error still appears then delete the following four folders as well :

  1. C:\Program Files\Bonjour
  2. C:\Program Files\iPod
  3. C:\Program Files\iTunes
  4. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple (just the Apple folder)

If you still face the same problem then please contact the Microsoft Technical Support Team.

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