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[Fixed] How to Solve Error Code msvcr80.dll

Causes of the error code msvcr80.dll

The msvcr80.dll error code appears when a user uses certain programs. It usually arises during the Windows installation or when the Windows starts up. 

Besides this, there are also several reasons behind the occurrence of this error like when the software is unable to find the specific files for the updates. Another reason which can be the major cause of this problem is missing the msvcr80.dll file.

How to Solve the error code msvcr80.dll?

Apart from all these, it is also observed that this error code also rises when the OS is unable to start the application.

Try to install the security update of MFC :

To resolve this issue it is recommended that a user should download and install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 service pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update. This will restore the latest update of msvcr80.dll.

Try to restore your system’s recycle bin :

There is a possibility that you may have accidentally deleted the version of msvcr80.dll file. Therefore, in such cases, one should try to restore the recycle bin. If you have already done that then use the data recovery software.

Try to run a malware or virus scan :

There is one more reason which can cause the msvcr80.dll error and that is when the hostile program masquerading corrupts the data file. Hence by running the virus or malware scan, you can easily solve this problem.

If after applying all these methods you still face the same issue then it is recommended that you should contact the Microsoft Technical Support Team.

Issues from msvcr80.dll
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