Still getting error Code 0x80004005 on your laptop?

Causes of error code 0x80004005 

Error Code 0x80004005 appears when a corrupt driver is detected in Windows startup process. This error typically occurs after a new driver is installed and can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

The Microsoft Error 0x80004005 appears in Windows, Office, Outlook, and many other places.

It is an old error that was encountered in different Operating Systems and applications. when the license activation was not complete, this error was showing up. 

The usual causes for this Error Code 0x80004005 are communication failure over the internet with Microsoft update servers.

Error code 0x80004005

Initially, I will suggest you do Windows Troubleshoot for Error Code 0x80004005.

It was either a missing file required by the licensing software or a third-party utility interfering with the installation of Windows Products.

Online chat with the Microsoft Support team can also resolve your error codes.

Microsoft Assistance is provided when necessary.

Microsoft Error Code 0x80004005 – Common Causes

In Windows 10 also this error code appears.

The main reason was Update failing to install with different error codes like 80072efd, 80200010, 0x80070003.

If you solve the problem related to Windows Update, then Microsoft 0x80004005 error will also be gone. 

As a result, an instant option is to try the in-built Windows Update Troubleshooter present in the latest versions of Windows 10 or 8.1.

Even in Windows 7, you will find it in Control Panel. 

0x80004005 appears in many of the Microsoft products and OS.

When the user cannot access Network folders, Shared Drives, Virtual Machines, Microsoft account errors can result in Microsoft Error 80004005.

Solutions to Microsoft Error Code 0x80004005

  1. Repair Corrupt System files using Third-party Utility/Commands
  2. Virtual Box Error 0x80004005 – Change the Registries
  3. Change the Registry Value for LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy
  4. Fix Shared Drive Access Problem
  5. Fix Session Opening on Virtual Machine
  6. Remove Microsoft 6to4 Network adapters

This type of solution applies to Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7. 

When it is an issue with Office Error Code 0x80004005

When using Office 2016 or 2019 or Office 365, such kinds of errors can come in. Access is a part of the Microsoft suite of products. When it tries to make a database connection, it can result in an ODBC error where the application may not open the Registry key.

Open the Registry Editor and find the ODBC key. Please select the appropriate permissions for it and change the account privileges.  

It will fix 80004005 related to the database connection. 

Outlook program showing this error code

The same error code which appears for Windows 10 may also appear for Office products. Outlook is a standard email client that is used by many Home and Work users. This type of error code exists in Outlook 2019 or 2016 or 2013, or 2010. 

Though the nature of error may differ from version, the common symptoms are –

The email account in Microsoft Outlook does not configure correctly. For many configurations, a test mail is sent to know whether the version is working or not. You may receive any error while doing so. 

Cause of Error 0x80004005 in Outlook

The following registry key is having problems.


The solution to Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80004005

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook if it’s running. It could be an offline or online version. 
  2. Navigate to the above path in your Registry Editor. 
  3. Delete the Boot sub-key. 

It is one way to solve Microsoft Office error codes.

Live Assist Team

If you fail to resolve this error in Windows or Office products, you can start a Microsoft support chat with our support team. Chat Line and Fix it solutions are provided by our team 24×7 and are easy to solve. 

You can also start a Microsoft help chart to fix other error codes like 1712, 80070663, 80246007. 

Fix 0x80004005 in Windows 7

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools->Internet Options

  2. Go to Connections and LAN Settings
  3. Check to make sure the Proxy server is disabled.

The second case would be with your Antivirus. There are proxy settings enabled under your settings of any security programs that you may be using. If you cannot find the procedure to stop it, you can ask our techs on chat support to guide you.

Microsoft Support Fix It for Error Code 0x80004005 

There are failed windows update services that could also cause you this Error 0x80004005 while updating Windows.

Try the below steps to repair Windows services:

Repairing Windows update services is not possible like you repair any windows apps from the add/remove programs. There is a procedure that you need to follow through command lines.

Simultaneously, it requires the user to have administrator rights on his computer. As per the Microsoft set of rules defined on various Knowledge base articles, the steps are simplified as mentioned here to reset your windows update services.


Following these steps carefully will not make any changes to your personal data or programs.

It will only reset the Windows update services.

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator by right-clicking on it.
  2. Next, go to c:\windows\
  3. Then, rename software distribution folder to old.
  4. In some cases, it may not happen until you stop the windows update services.
  5. To stop that, you can run a command-line “Net stop wuauserv” and hit Enter.
  6. Next, try to rename this folder software distribution to old
  7. Then restart the windows update service.
  8. Finally, use this command “Net start wuauserv” hit enter and check for the updates.

SFC Scan to Fix Error Code 0x80004005:

SFC SCAN is the command line that we use to do this process. I will explain to you the steps in detail on how to perform this scan.

  • Firstly, open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Then type this below syntax on the command line window.
  • And Hit Enter

By following this process you will get a positive result stating that all the issues are resolved and the flip side negative result could be that your windows is corrupted.

Final Solution:

In this case, you should really work hard to reinstall the Windows operating system.

Backing up data is the foremost important thing in order to make sure you won’t lose your personal files.

In Conclusion,

If you have problem in following this method, then we suggest you to choose a Technical Support from us to help you better.

For now, many users issues are resolved with us in the first attempt and had given many positive feedbacks and star ratings for this article.


Error Code 0x80004005
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