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[Solved] How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML Error?

Outlook Invalid XML Error: When a user loses access to its Microsoft Outlook account, an error message comes out on the screen showing that you cannot open Microsoft Outlook invalid XML, and the view cannot be loaded in Office. Similarly, invalid XML Error occurs to your Microsoft Outlook account when an XML file associated with your Microsoft Outlook account gets corrupted.
Outlook Invalid XML Error

How do you get an Invalid XML Error?

The main reason behind the Invalid XML Error is the corruption of navigation pane settings of the XML file and XML file with 0 sizes also indicates Invalid XML Error. For instance, you can easily find if its XML Error or something else. When you open Microsoft Outlook, it takes more time to open, hangs up, and shows a message that you cannot start Outlook, Invalid XML Error.

How to Solve Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML?

Are you facing Invalid XML Error and are unable to access the Microsoft Outlook account? Don’t you know how to remove this error? If the answer is definite, then you are in the right place. We will be sharing a comprehensive guide to fix Error. Similarly, resolving Invalid XML Error is not a complicated task, but we suggest you follow all the steps written here to get rid of the future issues.

  1. Before we start, we suggest you back up your XML files
  2. All you have to do is to reset the settings of the navigation pane

Steps to Reset Settings of Navigation Pane to fix Outlook Invalid XML

Just follow these simple steps

  1. Firstly, go to the windows start menu
  2. Secondly, open the Run Window by clicking Windows + R key
  3. After this in the Run window, you have to enter “Outlook.exe /resetnavpane”

  4. After that enter the command, click OK
  5. Finally, If you are using Microsoft Office 10, then you have to enter “C:\Program Files\Office 14\Outlook.exe” /resetnavpane” in the Run window. Keep in view that there’s a space after Outlook.exe

In Conclusion,

Once you have done the above steps carefully, open Microsoft Outlook again. If you are successful in opening the Microsoft Outlook, it means you have successfully removed this Error. As a result, Getting error message pop-ups and error code are quite common in Microsoft Outlook. But finding a solution for all those issues are not that easy. In this blog, we have clearly mentioned the reason behind the error “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook invalid XML”, you may ask the Tech Available online here on this page.

Outlook Invalid XML Error
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