[Solved] “I Have A Folder Called n360 Backup And I can’t Delete Its Files”

“I have a folder called n360 backup and I can’t delete its files”:

If you are among those who have faced the error code in which the n360 backup folder is created and unable to delete it then this article is for you.

There are several users who complain “I have a folder called n360 backup and I can’t delete its files”.

The N360_Backup belongs to Norton 360 product. Norton 360 backup files from your system. By using this interface, it easy to restore files from your backup set.

Therefore if a Norton product not installed in their PC, the occurrence of this error code increases.

Norton 360 plans also include cloud backup to store and protect important files and documents. 

Solutions for “I have a Folder Called n360 Backup and I can’t Delete its Files”:

After the deletion of the Norton product you can get rid of this error code.

Generally, it is good to delete the Norton product in normal mode. If unable to do so, we suggest you to delete the product file in safe mode.

How to Get Rid of This Error Code?

  • Right-click on the n360 folder and then click on Properties.
  • Click on the security option to check and change the owner to “SYSTEM”.
  • After that check the save for C:\Users\<username>
  • Now check the users signed into windows and it should in the list of “Permissions entries”.
  • The user should have permissions for “full control” as they are owned by the users.
  • Check all the related folder consists of similar error and repeat the same process.                                    

If the error code persists then please contact the Microsoft Office support team.

They still have users who have it and gave many positive feedbacks.

Another factor on which efficiency of the Officelivesupport.com/error-1006-4/ is depending on is on hardware.

For example, upgrading from XP to Windows 7 Would never yield those results (1).

I have a Folder Called n360 Backup and I can't Delete its Files
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