How to Access the Power User Menu in Windows 11?

The Power User Menu, also known as the Win+X Menu, which is generally useful for “power users.” This menu in Windows 11 is a new addition as it was not available in Windows 10, which is knows as “Installed Apps” with high priority.

Similarly, In this article, we will also discuss the various ways to access the Power User menu and what are the functions of this menu in Windows 11 operating system..

Ways to access the Power User menu:

  • Firstly, access this with a keyboard shortcut Windows+X that appears in the bottom left corner of your screen
    • Power User Menu
  • Secondly, enter this menu with the mouse
    • After that, Right-click on the Start button, and it will open instantly.
      Power User Menu

Features of Power User Menu in Windows 11

  • Installed Apps (Win+X + F):
    • Firstly, go to the Apps
    • After that, click on the Installed Apps in the Settings app
  • Mobility Center (Win+X + B):
    • Opens the Windows Mobility Center
  • Power Options (Win+X + O):
    • Firstly, Go to System
    • After that, power and Battery in the Settings app
  • Event Viewer (Win+X + V):
    • Opens the Event Viewer main interface
  • System (Win+X + Y):
    • Firstly, Navigate to System option
    • After that, go to the Settings app
  • Device Manager (Win+X + M):
    • Opens the Device Manager
  • Network Connections (Win+X + W):
    • Opens the Network and Internet in the Settings app
  • Disk Management (Win+X + K):
    • Opens Disk Management
  • Computer Management (G):
    • Opens Computer Management
  • Windows Terminal (Win+X + i):
    • Opens the Windows Terminal
  • Windows Terminal Admin (Win+X + A):
    • Opens the Windows Terminal with administrative permissions
  • Task Manager (Win+X + T):
    • Opens the Task Manager
  • Settings (Win+X + N):
    • Opens the Settings app
  • File Explorer (Win+X + E):
    • Opens File Explorer
  • Search (Win+X + S):
    • Opens the Search tab
  • Run (Win+X + R):
    • Opens the Run dialog box
  • Shut Down or Sign Out (Win+X + U):
    • Navigates to the Shutdown menu where you can also sign out, sleep, shut down, or restart the PC
  • Desktop (Win+X + D):
    • Navigates to the desktop and minimizes any open browsers and apps.

How to Open this Menu in Windows 11

For instance, You can open this menu by clicking on the Start button in Windows 11.

1. Firstly, Right-click on the Start button in the taskbar to bring up the Power User Menu.

2. After that, From this Menu, accordingly click on any of the links mentioned above and navigate to your desired location

In Conclusion,

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