[Solved] How to Fix Error Code 1921

While installing or updating the Microsoft Office there are times when many users encounter a message which states “ERROR 1921: Service ‘MDM’ could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services”.

Solutions for How to fix Error Code 1921 :

There can be several reasons behind the generation of this error code. However this error code particularly arises during the installation process of Office 2010.

One of the major problems with this error code is that Microsoft Office is a resource-based intensive program. It also got a debugging feature which is known as “Microsoft Debug Manager”. This feature control and fixes such type of error codes.

However, here are some of the methods that can resolve this problem of yours.

Method 1: Start the Machine Debug Manager to eradicate the 1921 error code

The Machine Debug Manager is generally used by the Microsoft Office to carry out the essential tasks. But it should be set to “start automatically”. If in case it is not set to the option “start automatically” then the Microsoft Office cannot be loaded and hence the 1921 error appears. Therefore when you use the machine debug manager the error code 1921 can be eradicated.

Method 2: Try to clean the registry

If you still face the same error code then it is advised to clean the registry. This is because the registry is being used by your system. The main work of the registry is to store the central database which keeps all the information, files and settings that are required by the Windows to operate. Therefore, cleaning the registry may help in eradicating the error code.

If the user still encounters the error 1921 then it is advised to contact the Microsoft Technical Support Team.

Error Code 1921
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