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Solutions to fix File Explorer Freezing /not Responding on windows 10/11

File Explorer is an important device tool that permits convenient searching and managing of documents and folders saved on a Windows PC. If one day, the file administration app decides now not to work correctly, as in now not opening, no longer loading, or crashing, or it shows file explorer freezing on windows 10/11 , your workflow will certainly get interrupted. Just take a few minutes of your time, cautiously go through the steps below, and put all this nonsense at the back of you for good.

File explorer freezing

Restart File Explorer on Wiondows 10/11

If File Explorer has begun to crash or emerge as unresponsive, it might  be a transient glitch. It really is without difficulty solved by using closing and restarting File Explorer. To do that, you will want to open Task Manager.

In older versions of Windows 10, you should open Task Manager by using right-clicking the taskbar, however that no longer works. Instead, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and then select Task Manager. In the Task Manager, locate Windows 10/11 Explorer in the listing of apps and then click on it. In the decrease proper corner, click on Restart.

Restart your system to fix File Explorer On windows 10

In many cases, restarting File Explorer will repair the problem. But if it does not, you might  be in a position to solve the problem by way of restarting your complete PC. Do this in particular if it has been a lengthy time due to the fact you have shut off your computer. Click Start, then the Power icon, and then select to Restart.

Perform SFC scan to fix File Explorer on windows 11

  1. Open Command Prompt and Run as administrator


Nslookup for server

The server identity has to have Microsoft in it, if it has persisted the under steps, if it would not have your PC is now not connecting to Microsoft server, speak to experts on chat.

Now for the DISM scan

Dism scan

Disable or uninstall antimalware software

Every system must have an antivirus or antimalware software program is running — it is an essential protection and protection precaution. But if you use a third party vendor’s antimalware program, it would possibly be conflicting with File Explorer. To check if this is the issue, uninstall it, restart your computer, and see if the error persists. If File Explorer works normally, swap to the built-in Windows Defender or strive for a one of a kind third-party antivirus suite.

Check for updates

it is feasible  that a malicious program or bugs or software program incompatibility might be stopping File Explorer from working properly. The way to make certain it really is no longer inflicting File Explorer system defects is to take a look at your pc for windows updates and set up any updates which are ready to be installed.

  1. Click Start and then Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, make certain you are on the System tab.
  3. At the top right, click on Check for updates.
  4. Windows will download and install any updates that are available.

Reset the windows factors

Disclaimer :We recommend you to do the reverse up before we do this, during reset Windows 11 and windows 10 installation means that all your lines and settings will be lost during the reset process.

Windows 10 – Reset your PC

  1. Select launch> Settings> System> Recovery. Open Recovery settings.
  2. Coming to Reset this PC, choose Reset PC. Choose from the options and/ settings in the table .

Windows 11 – Reset your PC

  1. Select launch> Settings> System> Recovery. Open Recovery settings.
  2. Coming to Reset this PC, choose Reset PC. Choose from the options and/ settings in the table .

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