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Fix: Excel application Error excel not saving changes

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for managing data, but users occasionally encounter issues that can disrupt their workflow. One frustrating error that users may encounter is the “Not Saving Changes” error. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of this error.

Possible Causes to fix Excel not saving changes :

File Permission Issues:

Check if the file is read-only or if you have sufficient permissions to modify and save the file.
Verify that the file is not open in another instance of Excel or by another user.

Document Protection:

Ensure the workbook or sheet is not protected with a password. Protected sheets or workbooks may prevent changes from being saved.

Corrupted Workbook:

A corrupted workbook can lead to saving issues. Try opening the file in a different instance of Excel or repair the file using built-in Excel repair tools.

Excel Add-ins or Macros:

Certain add-ins or macros might interfere with the saving process. Disable add-ins and macros one by one to identify the culprit.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix excel not saving changes:

In this Article we provides you a detailed steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue this error excel not saving changes

Check File Permissions:

Right-click on the file, go to Properties, and ensure the file is not set to read-only. Adjust permissions accordingly.

Unlock Protected Sheets or Workbooks:

Navigate to the “Review” tab and check for protection options. Unprotect the sheet or workbook using the provided options.

Repair the Workbook to fix excel not saving changesĀ  :

Open Excel and navigate to “File” > “Open.” Choose the problematic file, select “Open and Repair” from the drop down menu, and follow the prompts to repair the file.

Disable Add-ins and Macros:

Go to “File” > “Options” > “Add-ins.” Manage Excel Add-ins and disable them one by one, restarting Excel each time to check if the issue persists.

Save As a Different File:

Save the file with a new name or in a different location. This can sometimes help bypass issues with the original file.

Use Compatibility Mode:

Save the file in an older Excel format by selecting “Save As” and choosing an older Excel version.

Update Excel:

Ensure you are using the latest version of Microsoft Excel. Updates often include bug fixes that can address saving issues.


Encountering the “Not Saving Changes” error in Excel can be frustrating, but with these troubleshooting steps, you can identify and resolve the underlying issues.

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