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Email message shows this is not associated with office account

Let me explain you the differences and the reasons for office program signin related issues. You have an error saying this email is not associated to any product. The office account is basically a Microsoft Account. You can register any email to Microsoft for purchasing Microsoft Products.

Before you purchase it online, you should have a valid Microsoft Account. There should be a working email in order to reset if the password fails to work in future. We have noticed, there are some users who purchase office program using a work email and then they try to reset the password and it doesn’t work if they close their work email.

Also, the licensed product will show under your account once you login. There will be installation options along wth a license key under the same name. You should not use a different email to check your paid products.

Email Account you are trying to login is not associated with office:

“You’re currently signed in with an Office email account, which can’t be used with”.

Let’s reiterate the issuse once again, you have a valid license but you cannot see it under your account.  It ends up saying that there is no associated product with this account.

Basically, office 365 is a subscription based product. It requires periodical renewals based on the opted choice of your license.

How an Office 365 program to be renewed?

Here, we explain you the steps to renew the office program. The office 365 product is a complete office suite and recently termed as Microsoft 365. The license is a prepaid program.

Firstly, you can purchase a prepaid card in a store and then activate the key with your office accoun. 

Use link to enter the product key and link it to your Microsoft Account. 

Then, you can download the product. Your renewal plans is on monthly basis or annual basis. The monthly package expired after 30 days and it asks you to renew the license like a prepaid phone. The costing is around $6-$10 based on your the package type per month. 

How to get a life time license for office program?

Yes, it is sometimes troublesome to remember to renew unless you add a credit card and authorize it. Alternatively, we can also go for life time office programs which comes with a license key and it requires no further action.

There are versions like office 2021, Office 2019 or Office 2016 and previously we have had Office 2013, 2010 and 2007.  But, few of them are retried from services. So, you can talk to one of our tech to learn about the new plans and license options. 

What to do if you cannot sign into your Microsoft Account?

Always, there is an option to reset your password. You can check it under the sign in password string but remember, the email you have registered should be acitve. 

What are the good options to create a Microsoft Account?

Microsoft will allow you to choose any email to be registered as it’s MS Account. Thus, you can purchase the licensed produts from it. But, the best choice is always to have a separate Microsoft Account along with email from Microsoft that ends with or Because, it is a free email from Microsoft.


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