[Best Solutions] for Office Unlicensed Product Issues

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Can outlook show unlicensed?

Outlook unlicensed error stops sending emails and receiving emails There will also be missing mail folder synchronization.

What to do if a product shows unlicensed?

Unlicensed error messages shows when the product is inactive. We have to keep the product key in hand or a valid account to activate. In this situations, we can check the following steps to troubleshoot product unlicensed error messages.

  1. If you got it from online, there is an option to view product key in your portal after you sign in.
  2. If you have multiple products linked to your Account, then choose the product key to activate the product.
  3. You can also login if you have only one license linked to activate the product.

How outlook behave if it is in unlicensed mode?

  • If an Outlook program is showing you unlicensed, then you cannot send or receive emails.
  • Firstly, You cannot sync the emails with your web mail.
  • Secondly, You cannot see the full address book if the sync method is unsuccessful.
  • You cannot create more folders in outlook mail.
  • These are few issues stated above that appears when your program shows unlicensed messages.

To activate the product key for Outlook mail, you can do the following:

In general, outlook program is either purchased online for personal use or given to you by your organization or school or university.

The first thing you can do here is to contact your office administrator to check the product activation status and seek their assistance.

If the outlook program is bought by you for your personal use, you can talk assistance from any of our techs here to solve the issues for you.

Unlicensed Product

Your email program is most important and require to work all the time without any issues. We can provide you the priority support for outlook related issues.

[Fixed] Microsoft Chat Support for Office Issues

Microsoft chat support is the online technical support purpose page designed to help the users with the Microsoft products.

Windows and Office apps are the main important products which require updates and troubleshooting help frequently.


This apps are in a daily use and would need continuous help for daily users.

How to get Microsoft Chat Support?

Microsoft support service here is available for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook or any other program related issues. Microsoft chat support community is a discussion board from many experienced users just like a forum.

But the chat support is one on one support related interactive method.

Why to choose us over Microsoft chat support direct?

Microsoft support agents are a special team from us and they provide only Microsoft related support. These techs we have submits many kb solutions to innovate the answers for many hard issue fixes.

Why to choose Microsoft Chat Support over Phone Support?

Microsoft support provide by us is a speedy service. We handle Microsoft technical support related issues support. We have successful team to render the support for any hardcore technical issues related to home computers.

Voice support is something which you can prefer to take but to opt the chat is a best choice. It is because it is easy to explain even if your words explained over phone miss out continuity.

Facts to explain over the chat is the best way to resolve technical issues. We know the phone support is cheaper and easy to leave your frustration on calls with the technicians but the chat support is where you can have mutual respect over the chat if you understand the language.

Microsoft chat support
Live support

There we can also translate as per the geographical language requirements and help the users with all the issues over this Microsoft Live Support.